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Fluorescence observation visualizes intracellular structures, particularly protein and molecular structures, using fluorescent proteins or dyes. To acquire high-quality fluorescence images, specialized devices and optical equipment are required, and they need to be properly set up. Our systems use UIS2 optics, featuring a series of high-performance objectives that offer both a high numerical aperture (NA) and precise compensation of spherical and chromatic aberration. Our line of fully motorized systems provides easy, one-click system setup and multidimensional image acquisition, such as multicolor, multiple image alignment (MIA), and Z-stack, with a simple workflow. We also offer imaging software that enables high-resolution image acquisition through powerful image processing techniques, such as deconvolution. The software gives you access to a wide range of analysis methods, including intensity profiling, automatic object measurement, and classification.

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Microscope System/Frame

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  • Fully motorized system allows automation of complex multidimensional experiments
  • The most accurate motorized Z-drive
  • High stability due to fixed stage design


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  • 12.5 megapixel color image and 1.4 megapixel monochrome CCD
  • Fast motorized switch between color and monochrome sensors
  • Pixel precise overlay of color and monochrome images
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  • Deliver high quality color images of live specimens at full 60fps
  • New Position Navigator function enable us to know the location of interest easily even high magnification observation
  • Cooled CMOS sensor enables sharp florescence images with low noise
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  • 1.4 Megapixel monochorome cooled CCD
  • Low noise and high sensitivity
  • Fast Live image speed


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  • Modular Imaging software platform
  • Intuitive application driven user interface
  • Broad feature set ranging from simple snapshot to advanced multi-dimensional real-time experiments


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