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Macrofluorescence & Stereomicroscopy

Microscope System Solution

The MVX10 is the perfect solution for fluorescence research in intact organisms combining maximum detection efficiency from low to high magnifications. With a high-magnification zoom function and high-NA optics, the resolution of fine details within organs, tissues and even cells is ensured. Olympus macrofluorescence and stereo microscopy systems bridge the gap between macro and micro observation, providing unprecedented brightness, resolution, working distance and precision.

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Microscope System/Frame

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  • Maximum fluorescence efficiency plus stereo observation
  • Optimized high NA optics with minimal autoflourescence
  • Seamless observation (4x to 125x) with zoom up to 31 times
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  • Advanced Model
  • Ultra-Wide Zoom Ratio (16.4:1) and High-Resolution
  • Advanced Fluorescence Observation
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  • Versatile Model
  • Wide Zoom Ratio (10:1) and Natural View
  • Simple Fluorescence Observation
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  • Cost-Efficient Model
  • Wide Zoom Ratio (7:1) and Natural View
  • System Modularity
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  • Compact Model
  • Wide Zoom Ratio (6.7:1 / 5:1)
  • LED Illumination


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sCCD Cameras
  • For a broad range of fluorescence and transmitted light applications
  • To acquire long exposure fluorescent images
  • Producing brilliant color images
  • High resolution imaging with high signal-to-noise

Light Sources

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  • Powerful 130 W burner with long lifetime
  • Stable and uniform light output
  • Even alignment-free illumination
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KL 1600 LED
  • Brightness higher than150W halogen light source
  • Very low noise cooling fan
  • Continuous electronic dimming from zero to 100%
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KL 2500 LED
  • Brightness equivalent to 250 W halogen light sources
  • Very low noise cooling fan
  • Continuous electronic dimming from zero to 100%

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