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Spinning Disk Confocal Super Resolution Microscope


  • Live cell super resolution imaging
  • Observation at depth
  • A flexible system that helps simplify your research


  • 全新的光学设计,灵敏度更高
  • 荧光显微镜无可比拟的分辨率
  • 放大倍率范围宽


  • 快速精确地图像采集和分析
  • 超精确的实时实验控制
  • 分析模块
The next level of TIRF microscopy

cellTIRF-4Line system

  • True multi-color TIRFM
  • Software adjustment of penetration depths
  • Ease of use
White-light TIRFM illumination module

cellTIRF-1Line system

  • Cell surface imaging with high Z-resolution
  • Minimal background noise
  • Wide choice of excitation wavelength
Microscopy Accessory


  • Spatial and Temporal Precision
  • Perfect Reproducibility
  • Flexibility
Real-Time Controller


  • Perfect Timing and High Accuracy
  • Intelligent Connections
  • Flexibility
Live cell spinning disk imaging to 120 nm resolution


  • Supports CSU-W1 and 120 nm SD-OSR imaging modes for flexibility
  • Works with any  existing fluorescence protocol
  • Versatile and intuitive live cell imaging system
Physiology Solutions

OpenStand Microscope Frame

  • Modular framed design
  • Reliable results with expanded design
  • Olympus and Prior Scientific collaboration


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