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Digital Image Processing: Point and Local Operation Filters (Encore Edition)

Want to get a better understanding of digital image processing techniques? Then watch our Ask the Experts webinar rerun on July 29, where we discuss how point and local operation filters can be used to control sources of error such as noise or low contrast in microscopy images. As well as exploring the mathematics behind image processing techniques such as segmentation, extraction and thresholding, our expert Heiko will also discuss the ethics of image processing – helping you judge whether specific techniques are allowed.

Heiko is still ready for your questions! Our live chat platform means that even during this pre-recorded webinar, our expert can still answer any questions you have in real time. We are also running a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar, to provide even more insight into techniques of digital image processing.

Catch the webinar on July 29 at 10am EDT / 4pm CEST.

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Heiko Gäthje
Olympus Europa

大家好,我叫Heiko Gäthje。我在担任生物学家时开始获得宽视场和共聚焦荧光显微镜以及3D数据图像处理方面的专业知识,当时的研究重点是昆虫的神经元发育和哺乳动物唾液酸结合神经元蛋白质的结构。


Digital Image Processing: Point and Local Operation Filters (Encore Edition)2021年12月3日
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