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Vulnerability Notice Regarding Olympus Microscope Software
Due to a severe security vulnerability issue in a third-party component used in Olympus application software, it is strongly advised to install the provided Service Update. This Service Update provides a version of the affected component that closes the vulnerability gap.
Important Update for cellSens Software and Stand-Alone Microscope Camera Software (DP2-SAL/DP2-AOU) Customers
Both cellSens software and the DP2-SAL/DP2-AOU standalone microscope camera software have length measurement functions. Because the software is often shared between multiple users, if someone inadvertently changes the software’s measurement setting, you may not get the correct length measurement results.
从Windows 7升级到Windows 10
Microsoft will end their service support of Windows 7 in January of 2020. If you are currently using Windows 7 with any of our products, we recommend upgrading your PC to Windows 10.
感谢广大用户长期以来对奥林巴斯产品的厚爱和支持。 鉴于市场上有个别非官方代理商在网站上任意发布奥林巴斯生物显微镜产品相关信息,声称为奥林巴斯生物显微镜中国总代理、官方代理商等,或采用非正规渠道销售我公司产品的公司,我公司做出以下声明。
Regarding our product of Bräce-köhler compensator ‘U-CBR1 / U-CBR2’, it was identified that the orientation setting of Gamma axis (Gamma axis : direction of slow optical vibration) was different from the indication of the products when shipping. We would therefore like to replace the applicable products free of charge.
Dear Valued Olympus Customer, Thank you for your continued business with Olympus Corporation. As part of our efforts for continuous improvement and the safe use and operation of our products, we would like to inform you of the following announcement related to your Laser devices for biological microscopes.
[重要]致使用Windows Vista/XP睡眠模式的DP25显微镜数码相机用户
在Windows Vista操作系统下使用的DP25显微镜数码相机
We recommend performing "Preventive Inspections" periodically (every time you replace lamps and at least once every 6 months).
We have recently discovered that the chrome plating on some of our microscopes objectives can exhibit cracking or peeling, which may result in sharp edges that could cause cuts. These objectives were manufactured during the period of January 1996 through October 2000 and may have been purchased by you as a component of OLYMPUS BX40/50/60, IX50/70 and CX30/40 series microscopes.