Routine Microscope Care and Adjustments
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Your microscope is a high-precision device, and with the proper upkeep and maintenance, you will be rewarded with exceptional results. Gain a deeper insight into routine caretaking procedures from our microscope experts. Following their advice can help ensure that you continue to enjoy high-quality images with your Olympus microscope.
Whether you are working in an imaging core facility, doing research, or educating students—you can benefit from the higher-quality data and fewer sources of error offered by a carefully maintained microscope.
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Guide: Microscope Cleaning and Maintenance

Dust and dirt particles can accumulate on the microscope and may affect image quality. This is particularly frustrating if dust particles are visible when documenting important specimens that cannot be reimaged. To exploit the full optical quality of your microscope, cleaning should be a regular part of your maintenance routine.
The guide leads you through the basic cleaning procedures—from the external frame to the optical system.

Download the guide on Cleaning and Maintenance

Guide: Microscope Cleaning and Maintenance

Guides: Köhler Illumination

Another important procedure that should be included in your regular maintenance is checking the Köhler illumination.
Köhler illumination is an optical alignment method that helps you produce an evenly illuminated visual field with excellent contrast and high sample detail, enabling you to exploit the microscope's full potential.

Download the Köhler Illumination guides for upright microscopes

Download the Köhler Illumination guides for inverted microscopes

Guides: Köhler Illumination

Guide: Adjusting the Parfocality

If you’re using a camera, you should also keep in mind that you need to adapt the focus and adjust the parfocality. It’s usually sufficient to do this once after installation, but if you see focus differences between the eyepiece view and the camera image, it makes sense to check.
Our Adjusting the Parfocality of a Camera Adaptor guide will show you how.

Download it here

Guide: Adjusting the Focus and Parfocality

Guides: Adjusting for Different Observation Methods

It’s true that a well-maintained microscope will help ensure you obtain optimal images. However, it is also important to know how to properly adjust the microscope for your observation method. 
The following guides are good references to keep on hand. Especially if you do not use these methods on a regular basis.
We also provide you with guidance on how to use the different observation methods to get a high-quality image.
Download the Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Phase Contrast (PC), Relief Contrast (RC), and Simple Polarization (PO) Adjustment guides below.

Download DIC

Download PC

Download RC

Download PO

Guides: Adjusting for Different Observation Methods

Ensure Smooth Operation with Olympus Service Offerings

If you would like to have your maintenance carried out by our professional service technicians, Olympus offers a wide range of maintenance services. These are designed to reduce the cost of ownership and ensure the availability of your equipment through our network of Regional Repair Centers and Field Service Engineers.
Click here to find all our service offerings.