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Live Cell Imaging with Super-Resolution

Live Cell Imaging with Super-Resolution

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As the super-resolution microscopy industry evolves, experimental needs and demands change alongside it. More and more, demand for super-resolution microscopy on live samples has grown and caught the attention of microscope manufacturers.

In this webcast, we will discuss practical limitations for super-resolution imaging in live cells as well as methods to mitigate their effects on experimental data.


Lauren Alvarenga,
Product Manager for Research Imaging
Olympus Corporation



IXplore SpinSR

  • 超高分辨率,分辨率可达 120nm XY
  • 因光毒性和光漂白降低,共聚焦延时成像期间的细胞存活时间变长
  • 在 IXplore SpinSR 系统中,只需一步即可在宽场、共聚焦和超高分辨率观察之间自由切换
  • 通过奥林巴斯硅油浸入式物镜可以实现准确的 3D 重建
Spinning Disk Confocal Super Resolution Microscope


  • Live cell super resolution imaging
  • Observation at depth
  • A flexible system that helps simplify your research

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