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The Olympus Discovery Center Program

The Olympus Discovery Center Program

The Olympus Discovery Center program helps advance bioscience by making advanced microscopy equipment available to researchers. Olympus Discovery Centers are core imaging facilities that house some of our most advanced microscopy systems. Colleges and universities engaged in advanced life science research are eligible to join the Program.

Having an Olympus Discovery Center on campus is a great way to attract exceptional faculty and students to your college or university. Program participants receive discounted systems, warranty coverage, and training by Olympus microscope experts.


  • Discounted systems: Purchase new Olympus microscopy systems at discounted prices.
  • Discounted maintenance: Receive discounted extended warranty coverage to keep your system in top working condition.
  • Free training: Receive expert on-site training to maximize the potential of your microscope systems.
  • Test new systems: Participants may have the opportunity to test and evaluate our newest microscopy technology and provide feedback that helps drive future product development.
  • Promote your research: When you’re ready to promote your work, we’re here to help. Participating Centers have a dedicated page on the Olympus Life Science website with university and faculty profiles as well as research spotlights.

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Discovery Center program approval is determined by Olympus and factors may include geography, size, and scope of work of institutions.


The Olympus Discovery Center Program

Current Centers

The University of Texas at Dallas
Texas A&M University
Université de Montréal
University of Maryland, College Park


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